Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hotel Hana Maui

5031 Hana Hwy, Hana, Maui, HI 96713
ph. 808-248-8211
fx. 808-248-7202

Hana History: Hana-Maui, Hawaii

The origin of Hana as a community is enveloped by the mists of ancient Polynesian song and story. Safe anchorage for canoes, fertile soil and good fishing made it a natural haven for early Pacific navigators. While accessible by sea, however, Hana was isolated from the rest of Maui until 1927, when the completion of a gravel road from Kahului finally made it accessible by land.

Since the Polynesians arrived between 500-800 AD, Hana, nestled amid a mountainous region of Maui, has spawned legends based on family and spirituality and even in modern times, the small village has been kept in an almost ageless step backwards in time. Of the roughly 1800 inhabitants, the tightly-knit locals have kept the original beauty pristine and continues to be teeming with a spiritually renewing, natural aura.


Hawaii is a state of the United States. Hawaii was discovered by James Cook, a British explorer on January 10, 1778. The native tribes of the islands of Hawaii is Polynesian. King Kamehameha I who was born in the year 1758, is the great kings who had power over the Hawaiian Islands around 1810. Kamehameha Dynasty was succeeded by his descendants until Kamehameha V, who died on December 11, 1872, which is the last router Kamehameha dynasty.

Switzerland; Luxury Between the Lakes and Mountain Peak

In mountainous country, more than half the territory of Switzerland are in the height of 1200 meters. Ascona region with the lowest elevation is only 196 meters, while the highest point in Switzerland is a Dufour 4634 meter peak. Approximately 100 peaks in the Swiss Alps, has an altitude of more than 4000 meters and more than 1800 glaciers with snow line above 2500 meters altitude.

This then led to Switzerland is known for his mountain tours and about 60 percent of tourist activities there in the Alps. Switzerland is famous for mountain tourism and banking business, other than products of luxury watches and high quality folding knives and mahal.Swiss watch, a product which is a symbol of community pride in the timeliness of information, technology and high-quality art.

Travel with a Eurorail ticket you can do since the early days of Luxembourg and the Netherlands through the day enjoying the festival visit the ancient tradition of the Medieval era is being held at the Old Town area. Luxembourg has the castles on the edge of the abyss that has the unique role of the 16th century until the year 1867 in European history. This ancient region now includes one of Europe's greatest fortresses protected by UNESCO.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Apartments & Accommodation on Hamilton Island

Being a popular tourist destination, Hamilton Island has no dearth of accommodation options. Right from budget hotels to luxurious resorts you have a plethora of options to choose from. Still, the most preferred accommodation types on the island are apartments.

Hamilton Island is neither an agriculture community nor an industrial area. The primary and only economic activity on the island is tourism (and related services). Due to this, there is a very small permanent population on the island. The majority are the tourists. The Whitsunday apartments that you would see on the island would therefore not be of the locals. These cater to the tourists who do not like to live in hotels and crave a more home-like environment.

As per popular demand, many types of apartments are available for accommodation on Hamilton Island. The amenities provided and the rates vary widely and we suggest you do some background research before finalising an apartment. The apartments available include: